About Us

We are a team of cloud enthusiasts headquartered in Santa Clara, California with remote offices in Bangalore and Islamabad. Our team is experienced with private and public Cloud Deployment & Operations, Cloud Networking and Cloud/Container security.
We offer both product & services to solve the operational and security challenges related to Clouds, Networking, & Docker Containers. Our team has diverse experience with Container deployments & Security, OpenStack Operations, Cloud Networking, & Automation frameworks such as Ansible and Puppet. Our team understands the business & operational perspectives of Small Medium & large Enterprises as well as Service Providers.

Our Team

Faiz Khan is the founder and CEO of Wanclouds Inc. He is a former Cisco executive with extensive background in cloud, virtualization, and networking. Prior to starting Wanclouds, Faiz was leading Cisco’s global Cloud Orchestration and Management services business. Previously he started and built a very successful and profitable Advanced Services technology consulting organization across Emerging Markets (including Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS, and LATAM). Faiz also built a global practice and services delivery organization for Datacenter & Virtualization business.

Faiz Khan



Amarjit Gill

Amarjit is a seasoned & highly sucessful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He Co-founded several companies such as Maginatic(aquired by EMC.), P.A Semi (aquired by Apple.), Agnilux (aquired by Google) & SiByte (Broadcom)


Mike Crane, Advisor

Mike Crane is former EVP services at five9 & had a long executive career at Cisco Systems covering North America & Europe Advanced Services Organization.


Jon Hall, Advisor

Jon Hall is an IBM veteran and currently leads the Techincal Sales Organization for IBM cloud.